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The Price and Operating Cost of the Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating is the most cost effective heating system available, But what does this mean in real terms?
How cost effective is it in relation to other systems?

Heating the home in the winter uses a lot of energy. But this doesn’t have to mean that the energy used has to be expensive.
Different heating systems use different heating methods that use a variety of fuels to produce energy.
This determines the cost of the energy produced.
The cost of the heating process can be calculated mathematically using fairly complex formulas.
However, if you go to the Ministry of Energy’s web site, you’ll be able to quickly and easily calculate your heating costs.


Cost and Quantity of Fuel Needed to Produce Energy

A quick calculation of heating costs begins, naturally, with the cost of the fuel used to create the heat energy.
In general, oil is considered to be the most expensive fuel followed by electricity and then gas which is considered to be the cheapest fuel for energy production.
That being said, we also need to consider the amount of fuel needed to produce a specific amount of energy.
The amount of heat energy produced can be measured in units known as kilocalories per hour where one kilocalorie per hour requires a specific amount of energy.
This determines the quantity of fuel needed to create the energy.

Variables That Influence Heating Costs In your home, as it is right now, under floor heating is the cheapest!

In all likelihood, you won’t be moving home, nor will you move from the top floor to the middle of your apartment block.
So, your alternative is to insulate your home and prevent draughts as much as possible.
But, more than anything else, you need to choose the most efficient and economical heating system.
There can be no doubt that this is an under floor heating system that produces energy using the cheapest available fuel, natural gas, The system does two things at once: it neutralizes the largest source of cold in the home – the floor – and is distributes in exactly the way that heat should be distributed throughout the room, from the floor upwards.


Heat More or Pay Less – The Choice is Yours

So, if you have an under floor heating system, you can decide to use the same amount of money that you would have used for heating the home with electricity but you’ll be able to heat the home all day long and enjoy a comfortable temperature without feeling the cold from outside – even at night.
On the other hand, if you want to save money, you can spend a lot less money heating the home to the same level as with electrical heating systems..

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